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Cheap Wedding Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

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Your wedding is big day and it can be a big expense. If you want to have an elegant wedding but don’t want to break the bank, here are a few simple tips to put your mind and wallet at ease.

Your guest list
One of the easiest ways to save money when planning your wedding is limiting your guest list. A small wedding can be just as elegant as a big, grand affair. Invite only family, close friends and the wedding party for an intimate party. The rest of your guest list can receive an elegant wedding announcement. Don’t fret about sending a wedding announcement. It is perfectly acceptable to send an announcement. Your decision to have a small wedding should be respected by everyone.

Typical wedding invitations can run anywhere from $3-$5 per invitations to beyond $20. Fancy folds, fonts and printing can cause these costs to add up quickly. But there is an inexpensive answer. Consider do-it-yourself wedding kits. Many, many brides have saved and shined with do-it-yourself wedding invitations. These kits are elegant and can be personalized by you for a special touch. DIY wedding kits are the answer if you’re interested in saving money. Most kits include the wedding invitation, save the date card and reply cards, so all you need is your personal touch and you’re on your way.

Your wedding reception can be the most costly part of your wedding day. But there are many ways you can save and still have an elegant reception. Consider sending your wedding invitations for a ‘cocktail reception.’ This indicates to your guests that you will be serving cocktails and light snacks, but not dinner. This is a great way to mingle and enjoy your guests company, but still save on dinner costs. Another money saver can be celebrating your reception earlier in the day. If you’ve scheduled your ceremony for the morning, send your guests a wedding brunch invitation or even a wedding lunch invitation. Since venues and caterers are busiest in the evening, you may be able to negotiate a better rate for an off-time event.

Lunches and brunches will also save you on bar costs, since many won’t be drinking in the morning or afternoon. A lunch or brunch event can easily sneak by with champagne as the only alcoholic beverage. You can also save money on an evening reception bar by limiting what you are serving. Many wedding receptions offer only beer, wine, champagne and soft drinks for guests. Save money and skip the liquor; your guests will still enjoy themselves.

While there are no ‘small’ details when it comes to your wedding, you can save money at every turn. Many brides have turned to E-bay or a consignment shop to save on their wedding dress. Your centerpieces can be as simple as Gerber Daisy with a floating candle in a low vessel. And often, photography students can photograph your wedding – and create some amazing photos – for much less. If all else fails, ask your vendors for a discount.

There are tons of ways to save and still make an elegant impact. Ask your friends and family who they can recommend, you just might find a great deal where you least expect it. Most of all, when it’s all said and done, make sure you have a great time and enjoy your big day.